Gift Vouchers

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Important Notice

Any one buying a voucher should go to the ''Contact Us'' button below and in the message box put your name and address or the name and address of the person who it is for if you want me to send it direct to them.

The vouchers do not guarantee a place on the boat any time, all holders still have to go through normal booking procedure and reserve places on the date and time slot they want. We will try to get the time and date you want but if we can't we will get as close as possible.
If we can not accommodate at all due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control we will try within reason refund the person who bought the voucher.             Each voucher must be handed to the skipper or crew prior to departure.

Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions

The answers to most questions are on the pages of the website, and we are more than happy to answer any that are not covered.

Please proceed to our contact page and fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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