Covid 19 Policy

Covid 19

We eagerly await the lifting of restrictions completely, but in the mean time we will endeavour to comply with any guidelines set out to keep our guests and crew safe. This will possibly mean restricted numbers, increasing to full capacity as time goes on.

As our trips are in the open air the risk of spreading the virus is greatly reduced. Our tours consist very much of family groups and any group travelling together will not need to be separated. Our decks are marked in yellow at every meter to give guests an idea of distances. We plan to separate different groups as best we can and with two boats and the possibility of up to 5 sailings a day we hope we can accommodate everyone who wants to join us on a tour. There will be hand sanitiser available and will have to be used before boarding the boats.

For the safety of our passengers and crew, anyone travelling from overseas will be asked to comply with government quarantine regulations.

We recommend bringing face coverings because in some cases it may not be possible to maintain physical distance.

Unfortunately access to the wheelhouse and toilets will be restricted and anyone who has to come inside will be required to wear a face covering. The toilets on the boats are restricted to emergency use only. We would appreciate guests carry the exact fare for their group.

We supply lifejackets for all our passengers in accordance with our licencing requirements but we would ask where possible that anybody who has their own lifejackets please bring them along as we will have to sanitise all lifejackets worn between tours. This especially applies to children under 16 who must wear a lifejacket or pfd at all times while on the boat. This not compulsory for adults. The boats, lifejackets and pontoon will be sanitised after every trip.

We ask that all guests be responsible and respectful of others, practice hand hygiene, physical distancing and stick to the guidelines. We may do temperature checks and if someone is found with a high temperature their group will not be allowed on the boat. Anyone feeling unwell with covid 19 symptoms you should contact their GP.

​Theses are challenging times and we all have to work together to keep this virus in check. This page will be updated as things progress.

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